Multiple unaudited EUCs are difficult to manage, create unnecessary risk, and blindfold you to the full regulatory reporting process.

Our no-code data automation platform replaces EUCs with simplified processes running on an enterprise-grade platform. The platform automates a broad range of high-risk, unaudited EUCs simplifying processes, reducing risk and removing duplication across the business.

By bringing all your processes under one roof, you get visibility of the entire regulatory reporting process and full confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your regulatory reporting. The no-code configuration empowers business users to maintain flexibility and ownership, while IT retains oversight in a single platform.


  • Enterprise platform to configure simplified processes
  • Visibility of the entire regulatory reporting process
  • End-to-end automation of simple to complex processes
  • True no-code configuration
  • One platform for all your data sources
  • Audit trail and data control
  • Training and support for citizen developer, assistance with operating model


  • Removal of EUCs, reducing risk and operational cost
  • Accurate and reliable regulatory returns
  • Ability to remove a broad range of EUCs
  • Maintain flexibility for business users
  • Data feed normalisation, removes duplicated efforts
  • Full accountability, removal of operational risk, IT maintain oversight
  • Fix for the future, stop EUCs from being created



EUC remediation demo

Xceptor completely eliminates the need for EUCs, bringing everything into one platform for full oversight and a robust audit trail.

Watch the full demo to see Xceptor in action.

The Xceptor Platform

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